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tadelakt marrocan Plaster los angeles

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What is Tadelakt?
Tadelakt is a plastering technique that is still used in Morocco where it is used for the coating of hammans (Turkish baths) and riads and palaces of high prestige. The main component of this material is lime stone from Marrakech whose properties Transparency and quality are inimitable. From Morocco the Tadelakt is considered as one of the oldest and most precious plaster finishes in the world. In a technique, believed to be about 4,000 years old, the art of Tadelakt was used as a cladding in baths and Turkish baths (a type of sauna or steam bath), from the traditional Riad in Morocco. Tadelakt's traditional production techniques have been handed down from master to apprentice through many generations, and today there are Tadelakt artisans who continue this tradition. The Tadelakt has existed since antiquity. At first this technique was used for the waterproofing of cisterns that served to keep potable water. Then the Tadelakt began to be used in the hammams, which are the oriental baths, and also in palaces. please give us a call to give you the best Tadelakt plaster finishes and services in Los Angeles.
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