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Decorative painting using glazes
You may be tired of painting the walls of your house in full colors and feel the need to do something different, something with a personal touch or distinction, then this techniques can be useful.

There are several techniques that with a little care and dedication we can achieve the goal of customizing your walls. All are based on the use of two or more superimposed colors and can be directed to the imitation of different textures such as marbles, leather etc. Or simply represent a surface of different shades, stripes, spots etc.

In general terms, what is done is to paint the whole wall of a color (normally clear) with a paint of some brightness (satin, semi-gloss etc.), which is allowed to dry completely and whose color will serve as background for The application of another, or other semi-transparent and darker colors dispersed in some way to achieve the desired effect. This dispersion can be done by two methods:

1.- By addition. Where the scattered color is added manually over the background as it will be.
2.- By subtraction. Where the dispersed color is added as a continuous layer on the bottom and then a part of the paint is removed to achieve the desired effect.

The possibilities of different shades, tones and colors, the diversity of modes of dispersion, the use of different transparencies in the dispersed color and the use or not, of completely transparent layers in the final finishing, give an infinite amount of decorative possibilities that Is only limited by your imagination.
Typical Techniques

There are many techniques to create illusions, imitations, patterns of spots and stripes etc. On the walls and furniture. please Contact US for free estimates
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