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Marmorino plaster plaster los angeles

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Marmorino plater is a material based on natural mineral lime stone it is part of the venetian plster family. It is use for fine decorative finishes on interior and exterior surfaces. Of all Venetian linings, this finely ground lime finish gives more thiknes and durability than ventiano plaster it si shine and has depth. The surface finish of Marmorino Fine (Clasico) is Very bright and very deep. The finish maintains a smooth texture The movement between the shadows and the glades is gradual and the surface reflects very well the light. Composition: Purisima lime, filtered and filtered from special granules of powdered marble and selected according to the granule size of 0,0 to 40μm, water and special additives (not more than 1,8% of the total wet volume). Unlike marble it has a soft individual color. The marmorino is made of lime and ground marble. Some of its characteristics are hardness and resistance, even in humid environments such as the lagoon of Venice.

Marmorino Floor is suitable for any area * Bathrooms, kitchens, stairs, hallways or rooms. Care must be taken to avoid damaging it as for other wood, tile or stone floors. It has a non-slip natural surface, but special anti-slip treatments are possible. It has a smooth, slightly polished finish that has a transparent appearance. Cleanliness is very easy. * The final effect depends on the protective treatment. Flaxseed oil gives the most natural appearance and is the most common final treatment. A polyurethane varnish can give the surface a stronger, durable surface or a glossy finish that is harder to scratch; However, the presence of varnish may appear unnatural to the trained eye.
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