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patio Floor recoating finishes

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Creativity with decorative concrete floors
Concrete floors in any area can be dyed or covered with a durable resin (epoxy) finish.
Today's decorative concrete floors have nothing in common with the low-budget gray slabs of the past. An explosion of colors, textures and aggregate options offer an attractive and versatile way to create outdoor kitchens, patios, sidewalks, pool terraces or garden rooms.

Decorative concrete floors can be finished with an infinite variety of textures, prints and patterns, in colors ranging from earth tones to bright white and daring tones.

Textures and patterns

We raise concrete to an art, and create decorative finishes by hand. From stamping the edge of the boards to the concrete designs, like the texture of the wood grain by hand and then marks the concrete board to simulate wood.

Many concrete decorative finishes can be created with simple techniques similar to those used for simulated painting finishes. "we've done the simulated finishes that are created using sea sponges and rags that are more like normal faux finishes. We can create types that embed natural leaves of trees to create a pattern. The options are virtually endless. Sometimes I put a plastic cloth on the floor and leave it there for 20 minutes and then remove it to create a marbled appearance. You can use anything to achieve a decorative look. "

The texture also has its practical side. "Concrete always has to be textured to withstand slipping and to give safety to the public,"
let us know your ideas we can help you make them a reality.
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